3D camera/gif experiment.

it's either going to be cool...or epileptic...or both.

Here’s a diagram for something I would like to try with 2 DSLRs. I know this is essentially what a 3D camera is, but I have no understanding of how stereoscopic post-production works…BUT, here’s what I’d like to try: use the same principle that’s been used in stereo-opticons and “3D” GIF files like this, this, or this…except hopefully, modern FPS settings and a more precise rig could yield smoother results…?

1.Using this rig, begin filming with both cameras in a dark, or mostly dark room, and then turn on a bright light, to create a reference point on both cameras at the same instance.

2. Film a small segment.

3. Import both segments as 2 separate layers in After Effects, align the reference points created earlier by turning on the light.

4. Export each segment as a sequence of JPGs to two folders, “A” and “B”

5. Use ‘Automator’ to rename all “A” files numerically, to be “1.jpg” “2.jpg” 3.jpg” etc.

6. Rename all “B” files the same, then use a similar ‘Automator’ function to add a “-2” before all “B” extensions, resulting in “1-2.jpg” “2-2.jpg” “3-2.jpg”.

7. Drop all “B” files into the “A” folder, creating a sequence like: “1.jpg” then “1-2.jpg” “2.jpg” then 2-2.jpg” etc.

8. Re-import all frames from “A” folder (now containing all “A” and “B” files) into ONE sequence.

9. Export as .mov …enjoy?

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