Initial Diagram for Non-Visual Wayfinding

Well, there are some other ideas out there, this is in no way new, but I was thinking about a project I’ve been considering—a website for blind children where they can explore interactive audio books with a non-visual interface—and the idea of wayfinding with sound came into my head. I know it sounds sorta goofy, and I am not the first person to consider it, but it’s an interesting idea, and somewhat related to the non-visual web interface, so I am trying to build a prototype using Construct, which is primarily for making games…BUT I figured, the prototype will be 2D, so maybe I could incorporate it into my next game…OR maybe it will develop a proof-of-concept for my non-visual web interface…but any way, here’s a little diagram for how it might work…

Distance is broken up incrementally, where objects in each radius would produce a pitch, the closer the object, the higher the pitch. In addition to this, proximity would control a totally analog volume attenuation, the farther away, the quieter the volume. And of course the positions of object would be mapped to the left or right of you, so that the tone is emitted by the left or right channel. I am still trying to figure out how to convert the object/person angle into a dynamic panning intensity (how far L or R the volume is).

A scan wouldbe taken of the left and right fields simultaneously, producing a balanced pulse every second, rather than a dizzying sweep from L to R. Unfortunately, construct exports to .EXE files…but I’ll try to post video captures! Here goes ANOTHER side project…

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