CD/7″ Packaging

In some stupid way, I feel like being a “graphic designer” but never having made a CD package, is a travesty. It’s like being a baseball fan and never having been to Cooperstown. Perhaps the only thing I should be more ashamed of (lulz) is never having done a 7″ vinyl packaging! Where’s my indy-cred? I jest. But really, I thought it would be a good thing to try-out, and I went from having zero interesting ideas on Friday, to having a solid idea for both a CD and a 7″ by Sunday night..

7″ Sleeve

Like any shameless designer/musician this sleeve is going to be for my own band…although, we haven’t written or recorded music in…approximately three years. That’s okay, in my mind, we’re still kicking ass.

Now, (in make-believe land) we are about to put out a 7″ for two unreleased songs, the A-Side track is titled “I scorched my memory to forget your face…” which, although a bit melodramatic, I am using as the inspiration for the packaging.

Due to my omnipresent desire to make packages be artifacts with a life-after-first-use, I became determined that the sleeve of the album ought to be folded-down from a large poster, which after the vinyl was removed, could be reclaimed. I also kept considering that 7″ records have (what I consider to be) humorously-large center holes, and I began to fixate on somehow underscoring this point. Finally, I was trying to create a conceptual/narrative connection to the music, and as I thought about the idea of scorching and forgetting faces I began to think of cutting out the faces of ex-significant others from photos, or this landmark scene from American cinema.

Also, while considering that the poster would need to be folded down into several squares, and that the center ought to have a hole in it, I had a passing thought of paper-snowflakes—how you fold them, cut them and unfold them, and then they’re cut all over—and I thought this would be a nice effect, when you unfold the sleeve, it has holes all through-out. But…I don’t really have any consistent way of cutting a hole…OH WAIT, REMEMBER THIS?? Cutting is for the birds, I’ll just BURN a hole…and since it’s a square, it will be in the center of EACH panel. So, while it may lack the organic interest of a paper snowflake, I can recoop some cool-ness by exploiting the grid.

So, if I use a handful of photos to represent the “memories” mentioned in the album name, and I center a face from each photo within it’s grid-square, when the poster is folded and “scorched”, each face will be “forgotten”. Folded up, it will be burned-through letting you see through the album. Unfolded, it will be burned-through all over.

In the gallery are a few of the photos I am considering, with a scribble to represent where the scorch will lay. Some are better than others.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ll update with my CD idea sometime soon.

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